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The image show water droplets over a plant demonstrating humidity

Ideal Temperature and Humidity for Grow Tent

Dec 8, 2021438

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. We all have thought of buying a grow tent. It is easy to manage our hydroponics inside a grow tent. Grow tent gives your plant a controlled environment. Also, the grow lights can be bought with exact specifications and you can…


What is Hydroponics? Advantages & Disadvantages

Jul 18, 2021444

Have you ever heard of plants growing without soil? Roots of trees not grounded deep within the surface but floating in the water? Well, this is what hydroponics is all about. Hydroponics is a technique to grow plants in water i.e. without soil. In…

Hydroponic Nutrient Solution featured image

8 Steps to Master Hydroponic Nutrient Solution

Dec 8, 2021690

Hydroponics as the name suggests are the plants that grow in hydro(water) instead of soil. Traditionally, our farmers used to reap the crop and plough the field again to make it ready for the next harvest. So, ploughing the field was important right? Because…

How to grow hydroponic lettuce

Best Method to Grow Hydroponic Lettuce at home

Jul 11, 2021792

Most of us when starting with hydroponics look for vegetables and fruits that we can grow at our home hydro garden. So, I am covering all the information that you need to start growing your own fresh and organic hydroponic lettuce at home.  We…

Common Hydroponic Terms

Top 10 Common Hydroponic Terms You Should Know

Jul 21, 2021380

Are you someone who has recently started learning and exploring hydroponics? Do want to build a perfect hydro garden inside your house or on your terrace? If yes, then you should know these common hydroponic terms used in the hydroponics market. These terms are…

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