The 21 Best Hydroponic Gardening Gifts 2023

Hydroponic gardening gift for mom and dad

Gardening is a unique way to put our time and energy into doing something meaningful. Not just do you get fruits and flowers by growing trees and plants but also heal the environment around you. 

Not many of us are fond of gardening though, especially because it takes so much time and effort and in our busy schedules we often don’t get much spare time. But there are some of our loved ones who love to plant trees and learn new types of gardening techniques. 

In recent years, we have seen a lot of new types of gardening methods evolving apart from the traditional methods like raised beds gardens, indoor gardening, kitchen gardening, hydroponic gardening, container gardening etc.  I have tried to list some BLACK FRIDAY deals and holiday deals on gardening gifts as well in this article.

Let’s see how you can make your loved ones feel special by giving them the best gardening gift ever. I will be covering all types of gardening equipment and hydroponic gardens that can be set up indoors without any hassle. 

Hope this list will help you find what you are looking for. 

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Gardening Gift for Mom

These hydroponic gardening equipments and books can be gifted to anyone but are more suited towards women. Women who like gardening gifts will definitely appreciate it if you give them one of the gifts mentioned below. In case you have a better idea, do let us know in the comments section.

Hydroponic Books

There are many books on how to get started with hydroponics. Few are simple to read but have few details and few have just long theories and no practical knowledge. Here I have tried to bring in books that have a balance of both theory and practical application.

It is important to understand that hydroponic gardening is better learnt by actually doing it. But it’s good to have a fundamental understanding of the nutrients, seeds, and everything else with respect to hydroponics.

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Hydroponics and Greenhouse Gardening – By Richard Bray

In this book, Richard Bray talks about the fundamentals of hydroponics and how you can mature your plants 25% faster and also increase the yield by 30%. The book gives a step by step guide to set up the hydroponic system and start with hydroponic gardening along with tips, guidance, and How To’s.

By the way, this blog can also help you in your journey with hydroponics, just search for your query and most probably you will get to the solution.

DIY Hydroponic Gardens – By Tyler Baras

This book is more suited for fathers or mothers who are interested in building their own hydroponic system from scratch. This book can be a great companion for people who want to explore the realms of hydroponic system design. The book provides a step by step guide to building your own indoor or outdoor hydroponic system.

Hydroponics: Mastery Bible 6 BOOKS – By Thomas Green

This set of 6 books is like a crash course to hydroponic gardening. From starting off seed to building your own system and harvesting your produce. It covers absolutely everything. This book set can be gifted to anyone from a beginner to an expert and everyone will have something new to learn from it.

AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden

AeroGardens are like the magical machines of the hydroponic land. AeroGarden is a hydroponic system that lets you grow organic and fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs without any hassle.

It comes with a seed tray, organic seeds, grow media, nutrients, and even a grow light. On top of that, it has a display panel that shows the progress of your plants and even the nutrient levels in the reservoir. Some of the models can also be integrated with Alexa.

Currently, at the time of writing this, Amazon is running a BLACK FRIDAY sale on AeroGardens and you can get up to 50% off.

Read more about AeroGardens here “AeroGarden – The Best Indoor Hydroponic Garden Ever

iDOO 12Pods Hydroponics Growing System with 6.5L Water Tank

iDOO hydroponic growing system is similar to the AeroGarden system. It runs on a Kratky based method and provides all the necessary components required for a beginner to start a hydroponic garden from scratch.

These beautiful looking pods can be kept anywhere indoors and easily grow organic veggies and herbs, fruits, etc. There is a built-in water pump that triggers automatically when the nutrient level is low in the reservoir and water your plants. Hence care-free hydroponics. An awesome gift for any hydroponic lover.

Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit – DIY Heirloom Herb Seeds

This is an amazing gift for someone who wants to step into the world of gardening and hydroponics. The kit comes with five bamboo pots and heirloom high quality herb seeds. You can learn gardening on the go with this. And once you are confident enough you can switch to actual hydroponic systems.

This is a good low-cost solution to enter into hydroponic. It also comes with a step by step pdf guide to assist anyone from start to finish.

MIXC 10 Packs Seed Starter Tray Seed Starter Kit with Humidity Dome

Seed starting trays are a very good gifting option for people who love hydroponics. This is because the seed starter tray gives them more power to increase their capacity and plan the hydroponic cycle of their plants.

The MICX Seed starter tray comes with a humidity dome as well to help the seeds sprout perfectly. Plant labels are also provided for each of the 10 trays in the kit.

Learn “How to Start a Seed for Hydroponics”, the complete guide

Hydroponic Gardening T-Shirts

What can be more fun than wearing Hydroponic themed t-shirts while doing hydroponics gardening? To show the world that you are a hydroponic enthusiast. T-shirts have always been great gifts especially when it related to something so rewarding a hobby like hydroponics.

3M Rugged Comfort Quick Latch Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator

Face covers are generally needed when you have to either spray pesticides or mix some nutrients or create a pH down solution for your hydroponic gardens. Although in regular use you don’t have to use a face respirator for some people with breathing problems, this can be very useful.

Especially for parents, a face respirator is a good tool if they work long hours or are allergic to some smells of the nutrients. This 3M half-face respirator is more than enough for doing tasks related to hydroponics.

Gardening Gears

Hydroponic gardening equipment that is used almost on a regular basis can be a very good gifting option. For example, a pruner is required to prune out the yield of lettuce and herbs. A pollinator is required to manually pollinate your heirloom tomatoes when growing hydroponically.

Fiskars Steel Pruner

This is one of the best quality and cheapest pruners that you can get for your hydroponic gardens. It has a safety lock and precision blades to keep it sharp and at the same time safe when not in use.

AeroGarden Be the Bee Pollinator

This manual pollinator is the most overlooked tool in the hydroponics industry but a very important one. People generally realize later when their pepper and tomato plants start to boult that they require some pollination. As hydroponics is generally done indoors it requires manual pollination.

Hence this pollinator is a very thoughtful gift for someone who loves hydroponic gardening.

Hydroponic Gardening gifts for Dad

Fathers are generally more into doing the dirty work and hard work too. That is why here I have curated some of the best gifts that your father or anyone who lives hydroponics and is really into it would love.

Few of these tools are only recommended for people who have some experience with hydroponics, but much of them can be gifted to anyone who is just starting or want to start.

pH and EC Meter for Hydroponics

I cannot stress the importance of pH and EC management in hydroponic gardening. A correct pH level of the nutrients is the most basic requirement for hydroponic plants to grow. Hence, pH meters are like the second-best friend of any hydroponic grower. First, one is obviously the plants themselves.

Here are the two best pH and EC meters for hydroponics, that gives you all the readings and are the industry best.

VIVOSUN pH and TDS Meter Combo

This one is a combo and recommended for anyone who is just starting and is not sure about hydroponics. As it is a cheaper option, it is a good way to start. Coming from VIVOSUN which is an excellent manufacturer of hydroponic equipment you can be sure of the quality.

Bluelab PENCON Conductivity Pen and Digital TDS Meter

Bluelab is the best pH and EC meter manufacturer out there. This one instrument can give you all the readings required and with high precision too. You can measure EC, pH, PPM500, and PPM 700, and also temperature too. Hence it is a little costlier but also provide great value.

If someone wants to add a pH EC meter into their inventory, then this one it should be.

Grow Light – Phlizon 900W LED Plant Grow Light

Grow lights are an inseparable part of hydroponics. To create a controlled environment and give proper daylight to your plants irrespective of the external atmosphere, grow lights play an important role. Although I have covered in great detail about grow lights in other articles.

I suggest growing lights as a great gift for any hydroponic grower. The below is a Phlizon 900 W grow light, with a red spectrum and generally used for germination of seeds and in vegetative stages. A bright white cool light is used for lettuces in the growth stage.

If you want to gift a grow light for indoor hydroponics, do check out my other article, here.

VIVOSUN Hydroponics NFT Growing System 90 Plant – 3 Layers

An NFT growing system is the best form of hydroponics to grow a lot more in a lot less space. Best for growing lettuce, herbs, and other organic veggies. NFT systems are the most water-efficient and provide excellent growth. This 90 planter NFT system can be a great way to upgrade or add to the existing hydroponic systems.

The VIVOSUN NFT system comes with a 12v water pump, an auto-timer, and the PVC pipe system itself with proper inlet and outlet valves. They also provide a 1-year warranty and after-sales services to help you set up the system and become a pro-hydro grower.

MARS HYDRO Grow Tent 2.3’x2.3′ 1680D Canvas Reflective Mylar Grow Tents 

A grow tent is the most basic necessity to grow hydroponic plants. To be able to control the environment around the plants a grow tent Is required. Although it is not absolutely necessary, some types of plants require grow tents more than others.

MARS HYDRO is a reputable company for manufacturing grow tents and grow lights. This one in the picture below is a 2.3′ x 2.3′ rectangular grow tent with a height of 63′. This one is good for plants which grow tall like pepper and tomatoes. Lettuce and other green vegetables generally grow horizontally rather than vertically.

Heirloom Non-GMO Lettuce and Greens Seeds Variety Pack

If you ask me, what is the one thing which can make or break your hydroponic garden? I would answer it’s the seeds. High-quality seeds are essential to getting good results. Heirloom seeds are the best in the business. They provide organic, Non-GMO seeds for indoor and outdoor planting.

They have different types of bundled packs like veggies seeds, or multiple varieties of herbs bundles in a pack. This makes it a great option for gifting hydroponics.

Grow Room Glasses for Hydroponics

Grow glasses are generally required when you have an indoor hydroponic system setup with a lot of grow lights. For plants that are in the germination phase, you require red light, while plants in the vegetative stage required more bright white light and so on.

So, with all those types of light, it becomes hazy to look at the plants for a longer duration and hence grow glasses are very helpful.

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon

Dutch Bucket system is a very popular system of doing hydroponics. Be it a beginner or an expert, everyone loves the simplicity of the Dutch bucket system. It is basically a deep water culture system which means your plant roots are soaked into the nutrients all the time.

This is a cost-effective way of getting sustainable hydroponic yield. The DWC kit comes with all the components like a water pump, Rockwool cubes, tubing, and even an air stone

Inline Duct Ventilation Fan Vent Blower for Grow Tent

Ventilation is required for hydroponic plants especially inside a grow tent. Hence a ventilator is required to be installed inside the grow tent. It ensures regular inflow of fresh air hence your plants give maximum yield.

This will complete a hydroponic system and makes for a perfect hydroponic gift.

Gardening Gloves for Hydroponics – Breathable Rubber Coated Garden Gloves

Gardening gloves can also be gifted as a gesture of love to someone who likes to do hydroponic gardening. While mixing nutrients or setting up a system, there can be times when you get exposed to chemical nutrients or while inspecting for any problems in the system.

Sometimes root rot or algae problem also occurs. It is best to be protected from that kind of bacterial and fungal infection. Hence gardening gloves are a must-have in any gardeners inventory of tools.