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9 Actionable Tips to Build Hydroponic System at Home

Jun 30, 20217 min read

Being a hydroponic enthusiast myself I have always dreamt of designing my own hydroponic system. Although most parts in the hydroponic system design are technical, it’s fun and also challenges your creativity at some points. So, here are some key points that you should take care of while you build your own energy-efficient hydroponic system.  One thing very important is to understand the dynamic relationship between food energy and water…


9 Types of Hydroponic systems

Jun 30, 20217 min read

In this article, we are going to discuss the various types and techniques used in hydroponic agriculture. By now you must be equipped with a basic understanding of what hydroponics is and how it works. Now we will be diving deep into the mechanics…

Hydroponic Facebook groups

60+ Top Facebook Groups for Hydroponics

Jun 29, 20217 min read

Hydroponics is becoming the thing of the future. When I started I could find very few people around me who knew about hydroponics. It was very difficult to find any hydroponics group when I searched Facebook groups or a community of like-minded people where…

Start Hydroponic Seed

Best Way to Start Hydroponic Seeds [2021]

Jun 29, 20217 min read

Today we are going to learn how to start seeds in a hydroponic environment. Now there’s a couple of different reasons you’d want to do this. Number one, it’s fun and something, once you learn, will help you for the rest of your lives.…


14 Amazing Benefits of Hydroponic farming

Jun 28, 202113 min read

You must have heard a lot about how hydroponics is the next big thing in agriculture and how we can build vertical farms within our house or in a comparatively lesser area than the traditional farming method.  Soilless farming or as it is called…

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