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Top 10 Fan for Grow Tent

Top 10 Fans for your Grow Tent

Aug 18, 202211 min read

The below given top 10 fans are in our top 10 list based on their high rating, demand and their affordable price. The purpose of placing them on this list is based on their use for the grow tent. I have divided this list into 2 parts. The first 5 fans are oscillating clip fans, which means you can easily clip them anywhere and they are super portable. The last…

iDOO 12 pods hydroponic system specifications

Ultimate Features of iDOO 12 pod Wi-Fi Hydroponic System

Mar 19, 20226 min read

If you also have a passion for gardening or you are eager to build your own garden and you are demotivated by seeing the lack of space in your home. Do not worry…. Here is the iDOO Wi-Fi 12 pod hydroponic system in the…

what is aeroponics, full beginners guide to aeroponics

Aeroponics 101 and the NASA connection

Dec 9, 202114 min read

Table of Contents[Open][Close]What is Aeroponics?History of AeroponicsAdvantages Low CostDamage Reduction Accelerated Harvest timesLess Water ConsumptionHigh AutomationDisadvantagesNASA and AeroponicsComponents of Aeroponic SystemAtomizersDroplet sizeHigh-Pressure Water PumpsMisting FrequencyNutrient ReservoirSensors Cost of Aeroponic systems Aeroponic vs Hydroponics What is Aeroponics? The word Aeroponics is made from two Latin words i.e. “Aero”…

DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Hydroponic System

DIY 5-Gallon Bucket Hydroponic System on a Budget

Dec 5, 202115 min read

We all have dreamed of having a garden of our own. Right? But when it comes to the labor of planting the seed, then water it for months and then waiting for fruits or flowers to come. It is a tedious and time taking…

Hydroponic gardening gift for mom and dad

The 21 Best Hydroponic Gardening Gifts 2023

Nov 26, 202114 min read

Gardening is a unique way to put our time and energy into doing something meaningful. Not just do you get fruits and flowers by growing trees and plants but also heal the environment around you.  Not many of us are fond of gardening though,…

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