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what is aeroponics, full beginners guide to aeroponics

Aeroponics 101 and the NASA connection

Aug 18, 2022546

Table of Contents[Open][Close]What is Aeroponics?History of AeroponicsAdvantages Low CostDamage Reduction Accelerated Harvest timesLess Water ConsumptionHigh AutomationDisadvantagesNASA and AeroponicsComponents of Aeroponic SystemAtomizersDroplet sizeHigh-Pressure Water PumpsMisting FrequencyNutrient ReservoirSensors Cost of Aeroponic systems Aeroponic vs Hydroponics What is Aeroponics? The word Aeroponics is made from two Latin words i.e. “Aero” meaning air and “ponic” meaning labour. It basically means making plants work in the air. Aeroponics is a highly specialized farming technique in which we use…

DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Hydroponic System

DIY 5-Gallon Bucket Hydroponic System on a Budget

Dec 5, 2021770

We all have dreamed of having a garden of our own. Right? But when it comes to the labor of planting the seed, then water it for months and then waiting for fruits or flowers to come. It is a tedious and time taking…

Hydroponic gardening gift for mom and dad

The 21 Best Hydroponic Gardening Gifts 2023

Jul 9, 2023556

Gardening is a unique way to put our time and energy into doing something meaningful. Not just do you get fruits and flowers by growing trees and plants but also heal the environment around you.  Not many of us are fond of gardening though,…

pH down guide for plants

9 point pH Down Guide You’ll Ever Need

Jul 9, 2023769

We all have struggled with pH management at some point in our gardening journey. When it comes to hydroponics it becomes more difficult and important to keep the nutrient solution at a correct pH level. Hence, I have put all the wisdom about pH…

Seed Starting Tray image indoor gardening

10 Best Seed Starting Trays for Hydroponics

Jul 9, 2023386

Starting a seed or germinating seed is like the foundation of any gardening activity. You cannot have flowers or fruits until you have a germinated seed. Some people find it difficult to germinate seeds or the success ratio is too less. A few years…

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